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Fema Flood Services

  • A flood survey of your house could reduce or eliminate Flood Insurance Premiums.
  • We can establish whether an Elevation Certificate is right for your property.
  • Schofield Brothers is eLOMA approved for faster response from FEMA

How can I reduce or eliminate my flood insurance premiums?

Short answer, get an Elevation Certificate.


Like all insurance, flood insurance premiums are based on the predicted risk of an event happening and the estimated cost of the resulting damage. Recent changes at FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) have resulted in new policies and increased rates for flood insurance. In order to reduce or eliminate flood insurance premiums, we need to prove to FEMA and your mortgage company that the likelihood of a flood adversely affecting your property is less than they thought or non-existent. The only official method is to have an Elevation Certificate prepared and submitted to FEMA. The best result is for FEMA to issue a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) that officially removes your building from the flood zone. Even if FEMA does not remove the building from the flood zone, the Elevation Certificate may show a reduced impact of the predicted flood and discussions with your mortgage company may yield lower premium payments.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like an estimate for a flood survey of your property.

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